Student Center TV

Marketing and Design

Digital Signage Policy

Thank you for choosing Student Centers and Activities at Rutgers University–New Brunswick to display your digital signage. Promotion on our digital signage will ensure your ads are running on TVs at each of our six Student Centers.

Please note that each student organization, athletic team, office, or department is limited to two digital display submissions per month. The maximum duration for any ad is one month. Some exceptions may apply with the approval of the Student Centers and Activities marketing team.

For external groups interested in advertisement opportunities in our Student Centers, please contact

Creating Your Digital Graphic(s)

Student Center TVPlease create all digital graphic(s) in a horizontal/landscape format for best quality. The specific pixel dimensions should be at minimum 1920 x 1080 (16:9) which is the standard for all widescreen TVs in our Centers.   

The final digital graphic(s) must be jpg/jpeg or png. 



Stretch or compress your graphic


Maintain the correct aspect ratio of all graphic(s) being submitted. (This prevents depreciating the quality and legibility of the image and/or any form of branding associated with university).


Naming Files

Please follow the naming system below for the file name of your digital graphic(s): 

EventName_MM-DD-YY(Start Post Date)_MM-DD-YY(End Post Date) 

Example: SampleEvent_09-06-23_10-01-23

The EventName is the name of your event.
The Start Post Date should always be the day you want the digital graphic(s) to start playing. New digital graphic(s) are posted upon submission unless stated otherwise. (In the above example, the graphic will begin playing the morning of September 6, 2023.) 
The End Post Date is the day that you would like your digital graphic(s) be removed from the system. All graphics run until the end of the day unless noted otherwise. (In the above example, the graphic will be removed at 11:59pm on October 1, 2023.)

Submitting Files

Please email your final graphic(s) to We will respond to you within three business days with confirmation of posting/scheduling, or notifying you if there are any concerns with the file submitted. To ensure timely posting/scheduling, please make sure your graphics adhere to the above guidelines.
Submit your digital graphic(s) a minimum of six business days prior to the date you want your ads to run. Graphics may be posted to TVs sooner than six business days, but we cannot guarantee run times starting within six business days of receipt. Please note that displays are not uploaded in the evenings or over weekends.

Posting content is up to the discretion of the Student Centers and Activities and Student Affairs teams, and we reserve the right to refuse to post any material that violates the university’s Student Code of Conduct.