Mission, Vision, and Values


Student Centers and Activities is committed to providing positive interactions, robust programs, collaborative engagement opportunities, dynamic experiential learning, and vibrant venues for those who come into contact with our services, staff, students, events, and facilities.


Student Centers and Activities fosters an inclusive and supportive community, develops attentive leaders, and creates a sense of belonging for all.

Core Values

Student Development

With a student-centered mindset and a commitment to holistic development we provide opportunities for our students to explore ethical decision making, enhance coping skills, practice critical thinking and develop the tools and mindset needed to become resilient lifelong learners.


Nurturing a culture of integrity, courage, and innovation, we design immersive opportunities and encourage authentic dialogue to build self-aware and responsible visionaries who positively advocate for themselves and others.


We strive to educate our team on how best to meet the needs of our diverse population to ensure our services and spaces are accessible and celebrate all members of our community.


We are a values-based organization that fosters meaningful connections where mutual respect and varied perspectives support continued learning and generate a shared sense of optimism and pride in our community.


Committed to the highest level of service to ensure quality in all we do, our efforts are maximized through strategic collaboration and improved through regular assessment and thoughtful evaluation.

Role of the College Union Statement – ACUI

The college union advances a sense of community, unifying the institution by embracing the diversity of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We bolster the educational mission of the institution and the development of students as lifelong learners by delivering an array of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs, services, and facilities.

By any form or name, we serve as the heart of the campus community and create a welcoming environment by:

  • Operating as a student-centered organization that engages in shared decision making and holistic development through employment and involvement.
  • Advocating for inclusivity and equity, fostering respect, and affirming the identities of all individuals.
  • Educating students in leadership and social responsibility and offering firsthand experiences in global citizenship.
  • Providing gathering spaces to encourage formal and informal community interactions that build meaningful relationships.

Traditionally considered the living room, the college union enhances the student experience and cultivates an enduring connection to the institution.

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