What is is Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s online student involvement system, connecting students with organizations and events in a customizable, online campus community. 

Using getINVOLVED 

Students are encouraged to use getINVOLVED to find opportunities for involvement at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Students can: 

  • Complete a personal profile.
  • Discover organizations that match interests.
  • Search for events by title, date, program type, or by perks (such as free food).
  • Download the Rutgers Event Pass, allowing for quick check-in at campus events. 

Plus, getINVOLVED is a great resource to keep track of involvement through the platform’s co-curricular transcript. Students can track organization memberships, leadership positions, community service hours, and other special experiences that demonstrate leadership development.

To get started, visit getINVOLVED and log-in with your NetID and password.

Creating YOUR personal getINVOLVED profile:

  • Go to the log in by clicking on the icon at the top right corner; log in using your NetID and password
  • Click on “Edit Profile” on the left-hand side
  • Enter all required information
  • Adjust the privacy settings
  • Select involvement interests by clicking on the “My Involvement” tab
  • Select as many interests as apply, which will help direct specific organizations to your profile
  • Continue to explore all the amazing events and opportunities Rutgers has to offer! 

For Student Organizations

As a student organization, getINVOLVED helps you to:

  • Stay Organized: Upload your minutes, documents, images, videos
  • Stay Current: Update and maintain your membership rosters
  • Promote Your Group: Invite students to join your group; view those who express interest in joining; post pictures, documents, and announcements for students to view
  • Communicate: Poll your members or reach out to potential members
  • Promote your events: Create event pages to advertise all details for your events and meetings 

Please Note: Aside from during the Registration process, changes to your Officers/Executive Board should not be made through without first speaking with a Student Involvement and Leadership Peer Advisor. Contact 848.932.6978 with any questions. 

For additional help, training, and resources, check out this page on getINVOLVED.

Questions? Contact