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Welcome to the Department of Student Centers and Activities!

We are an integral part of the Rutgers experience and provide students with opportunities, programs, and services for campus involvement.  

With Student Centers and Activities, students will find transformative co-curricular experiences, spaces to learn, study and spend time, and an opportunity to create your community. We enhance the academic experiences of our students through an extensive array of cultural, educational, social, and leadership opportunities.  

As the center of campus community life, we offer a variety of programs, services, and community gathering spaces that meet the varied and diverse needs of our Rutgers community. Through volunteer and student employment opportunities, we provide developmental experiences in leadership and social responsibility and create an inclusive environment for individuals to interact and learn from one another. 

Student Centers and Activities offers vibrant community spaces within our six Student Centers, provides advisement and student advocacy for more than 500 student clubs and organizations, organizes immersive and diverse leadership opportunities, and implements signature campus experiences and events that foster school pride. 

Student Centers and Activities is proud to serve as the one-stop for engagement to make friends, build relationships, connect with fellow students, create networks, and find community at Rutgers. 

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Learn more about the areas that make up Student Centers and Activities:

Our Campus Programs team provides opportunities to find community and make memories outside of the classroom at events appealing to a diverse student body on all five campuses.

Contact Campus Programs at 848-932-7213 or at programs@echo.rutgers.edu. The Campus Programs team is located in the College Ave Student Center.

The Meetings and Events team at Rutgers University-New Brunswick offers many services to Rutgers students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public. Our team is committed to making your visit pleasant, whether you are hosting a small group, large conference, or social event. We can even help you plan a wedding! Our event planning team will help you coordinate event details from pre-event planning to day-of-event production.

Contact our Meeting and Events team at 848-932-8821 or at centerres@echo.rutgers.edu. Our Meetings and Events team is located in the Cook Student Center.

The Student Centers are a collection of facilities, services, and staff dedicated to creating and maintaining a vibrant campus community. The Student Centers collectively serve as the center of collegiate life for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. Providing services, activities, programs, and facilities that complement the academic mission of the university, our Student Centers foster and encourage an environment that honors the rich diversity of Rutgers, builds community, and facilitates civil engagement.

Contact our Student Centers team at 848.932.8070 or at studentcenters@echo.rutgers.edu.

The Student Involvement and Leadership team serves all 40,000+ undergraduate students throughout their involvement and leadership journeys. Using a student-centered approach, Student Involvement and Leadership provides experiential learning opportunities to create transformative experiences for Rutgers students. The team recognizes, trains and supports over 500+ student organizations, student government, and commuter students through learning, advising, and advocacy support, and works collaboratively with student organizations to support and implement a multitude of social, service, educational and cultural experiences aimed at adding to the robust university community.    

Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership team at 848-932-6978. If you are a student organization officer with questions, email osi@echo.rutgers.edu. If you are curious about our leadership courses, email lead@echo.rutgers.edu. The Student Involvement and Leadership team is located in the Student Activities Center (SAC).