Leader Corps

What are the Leader Corps?

The Leader Corps challenge the concept of leadership, provides tools to help persevere through obstacles, and most important of all, engage in selfless service. 

Leader Corps are premier student leaders working to provoke thought, cultivate confidence, and inspire action in the Rutgers community. Leader Corps are trained to facilitate high impact experiences for their peers. 

How To Become a Member of the Leader Corps

The application for 2024-2025 Leader Corps positions are now OPEN! Contact Lawrence Owens (Lawrence.owens@rutgers.edu) for more information. 

These are the steps you can take to join and become a member of the Leader Corps. 

  1. Become a Participant – The gateway to high quality leadership starts with participation in programs and events. Any student can take advantage of most of the trainings, workshops, events, or programs free of charge. Involvement in any of our programs as a participant will help you understand the qualities expected of a Leader. 
  2. Apply — Leader Corps positions are available to any full-time, undergraduate student who holds a 2.5 GPA or above. Previous leadership experience is welcomed but not required. 
  3. Interview with Our Team — Depending on the different positions available, applicants may be invited to participate in a group interview, an individual interview, or both. If selected to interview, applicants will meet with our team about the Leader Corps positions available. If selected, in addition to fulfilling the requirements for their assigned unit, each Leader is required to attend two retreats, two workshops, and volunteer at a minimum of two programs. 
  4. Leave Your Legacy at Rutgers — Leader Corps is a group of premier student leaders who provoke thought, cultivate confidence, and inspire action in the Rutgers community. Leaders Corps members have different responsibilities based on the unit they are assigned to; however, ALL Leaders help to facilitate and create transformational experiences for their peers. Leaders Corps learn by doing, polishing their leadership skills, and leave a legacy worth following at Rutgers. 

Available Positions and Application Process

Available Positions 

  • LEAD Interns
  • RUAB Executive Board Members 
  • Alternative Break Site Leaders 
  • Mark Conference Captains
  • Engagement Hub – Engagement Assistants

LEAD Intern Positions (Paid Positions)

The Student Involvement and Leadership team designs and implements diverse leadership opportunities and comprehensive workshops in order to provoke thought and inspire action around the university. LEAD Interns have the opportunity to actively participate in a project-based experience while developing skills in event planning and management, web design, leadership training, workshop facilitation, and professional competencies. 

Student Involvement and Leadership hires interns each year who work to advance team initiatives. This immersive, project-based internship will work directly with professional and graduate staff to help develop, execute, facilitate, and assess multiple long-term projects throughout the school year. These projects include: 

  • Event Planning and Management
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Curriculum Design and Facilitation
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Organization Finance Management
  • Program Evaluation & Assessment
  • Student Volunteer Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Recruitment
  • Program Management and Logistics 

All interns will be afforded opportunities to work in collaboration and engage in a variety of event planning and group facilitation opportunities. 

Engagement Ambassador Interns (2 Interns) 

Engagement Ambassador Interns are student leaders whose role is to connect students to the multitude of engagement and involvement opportunities that exist here at Rutgers–New Brunswick. These students work with others on goal setting, personal growth, and introduce them to ways to use the getINVOLVED platform to maximize their experiences. Engagement Ambassadors “Start with Your Why” (by Simon Sinek) to assist students throughout their leadership journey. Engagement Ambassadors will also be required to table in the various Student Centers to meet with students who are interested in getting involved and finding their leadership potential. These students also assist with maintaining the leadership badge system. 

Mark Conference Intern (1 Intern) 

The Mark Conference Intern works throughout the Fall and Spring semesters on the overall planning of the Mark Conference. They assist with the development, oversight, and most importantly, growth, of this student-led event. They are responsible for assisting with the recruitment and training of the Mark Swat Team, as well as working with the professional and graduate team to ensure the success of the conference. 

Dr. Jewel Plummer Cobb STEAM Initiatives Intern (1 Intern) 

The STEAM Initiatives Intern works throughout the Fall and Spring semesters on the overall planning of the events and programs associated with STEAM Initiatives. They are responsible for working with the professional and graduate team to assure the success of the program while engaging self-identified women students, faculty/staff and alumni. 

Peer Leadership Mentor (PLM) Course Interns (2 Interns) 

PLM Interns work to create/update the leadership co-curricular experience, recruit, and develop upperclass students into mentors who can engage first-year students within the First-Year Fellowship. They focus on creating valuable conversation and immersive classes for those who choose to partake in PLM course. The PLM Interns work with instructors to prepare and co-teach the 1.5 credit seminar that focuses on mentor development, community organizing, group dynamics, and emotional intelligence. 

First-Year Fellowship (FYF) Interns (2 Interns) 

FYF Interns work to create/update curriculum designed for emerging leaders to cultivate their skills and abilities to become the next generation of leaders on campus and beyond! This program builds key leadership skills, explores Rutgers, and helps set a foundation for future success. FYF Interns are committed to enhancing the experience of First Year and Transfer students who want to strengthen themselves not only as a leader, but as an individual. The FYF Interns work with instructors to prepare for an 8-week, 1.5-credit leadership course in the Fall or Spring semester. The Interns that support this course will be responsible for the planning and support of this course. 

Alternative Break Interns (2 Interns) 

These Alternative Break Interns are responsible for the following: Rutgers University Alternative Break (RUAB) programs provide groups of undergraduate students with a semester-long experience centered on service. Participants learn about a particular community issue within the United States and participate in a semester-long commitment consisting of pre-trip meetings and a volunteer break excursion. The RUAB Interns will assist RUAB in the coordination and organization of Alternative Break (AB) logistics that can include event planning, budget development, and community partner outreach. The Interns will work closely with the AB Site Leaders in the coordination of trainings, the application and interview process, the maintenance of rosters and databases, and the fiscal management of the organization. RUAB Interns should be returning members of the organization, having already served on the Executive Board and/or served as Site Leaders. 

LVL Up Course Intern (1 Intern) 

The LVL Up Intern works to create and update a curriculum-designed course that engages second yearf and transfer students. The Intern works with the instructor to co-teach an 8-week, 1.5-credit seminar series that focuses on cultivating leadership competencies, including public speaking and interview skills, creating a strong professional branding, and applying and articulating transferable skills to attain a position or job. 

getINVOLVED and Assessment Intern (1 Intern) 

The getINVOLVED and Assessment Intern will be trained extensively on the getINVOLVED platform and the various ways to pull and use data to assist with telling the engagement story of the Rutgers–New Brunswick community. The getINVOLVED and Assessment Intern will work alongside the professional staff to market the platform in an innovative way, as well as train students, staff, and faculty on how to use the platform. 

Student Leader Engagement Intern (1 Intern)

The Student Leader Engagement Intern is enthusiastic, developmental, attentive, and engaged in the student experience. Through programming initiatives and oversight of the Camp UKnight program, this student helps to connect students to the programs and services that exist with the Student Involvement and Leadership team. The Student Leader Engagement Intern facilitates and supports the Camp UKnight program on two separate weekends in August at an off-site camp. This Intern is also responsible for programmatic opportunities throughout the year, enhancing overall reach and staying connected with students through engaging programs, e.g. Involvement and Leadership Week, etc. 

Organization Training and Development Intern (1 Intern) 

The Organization Training and Development Intern is passionate about leadership and development and working with student leaders. The Intern will also assist with the development and facilitation of the Student Org Essentials Series throughout the year. This can include online, group, and peer-to-peer trainings. Specifically, this may include designing presentations, creating content, and event planning. Additionally, the Intern may be responsible for meeting with student organizations who repeatedly do not follow policies and procedures set forth by the Student Involvement and Leadership team. Students must be available on Friday afternoons for this opportunity.

Commuter Student Engagement Intern (1 Intern)

The Commuter Student Engagement Intern will work to engage commuter students throughout the various Student Centers. This may include collaboration with RCSA, RUPA, Late Knight, RUSA, other organizations and various departments on campus. Through programming initiatives and information tables, this intern will help connect commuter students to the programs, services and opportunities available to them at Rutgers. Additionally, this intern will work closely with RCSA to assist in their programs and outreach to the commuter population. This intern must be willing to travel to different Student Centers throughout the year.

Apply to Become a LEAD Intern

  • Applications Open: January 15, 2024
  • Priority Deadline: March 1, 2024 (priority deadline)
  • Extended Deadline: March 8, 2024
  • In-Person and/or Zoom Interviews: March 19 and 20, 2024
  • Mandatory Training (Selected Candidates): May 2024 (Dates/Times TBD) and August 2024 (Dates/Times TBD)

A quote by Adam Fogarty: "Being a member of the Leader Corps has been a gift that keeps giving. I am constantly faced with opportunities to grow and to find out what being a leader means to me. I have made countless connections and memories that will last a lifetime and found my own voice in the process."

A quote by Jenika Scott: "Being a member of the Leader Corps has taught me to become an inclusive, authentic, and emotionally intelligent leader. It allowed me an opportunity through experience to develop my leadership skills to serve and inspire others. I would not be the person that I am today without the Leader Corps. I am a change maker!"

A quote by Lisa Kaari: "Being a member of the Leader Corps has allowed me to find family at Rutgers. This experience has taught me the value of self-advocacy and resilience. Most importantly, the Leader Corps has given me the opportunity to help others find how they can best serve their community."

A quote by Tyler Lee: "Being a member of the Leader Corps has exceeded all of my expectations. I've developed more as a person, friend, and leader than I could have imagines. I will cherish these times for a long time!"

Volunteer Leadership Positions

Rutgers University Alternative Break (RUAB) Executive Board and Site Leader Applications

The Rutgers University Alternative Break programs provide groups of undergraduate students with a semester-long experience centered on service. Participants learn about a particular community issue within the United States and participate in a semester-long commitment consisting of pre-trip meetings and a volunteer break excursion. *To apply, it is highly recommended that students have previously been involved with RUAB. 

RUAB Executive Board Application:

  • Applications Open: February 18, 2024
  • Priority Deadline: March 10, 2024
  • In-Person Interviews: March 27 – March 31, 2024

Apply for the RUAB Executive Board

RUAB Site Leader Applications:

  • Applications Open: March 1, 2024
  • Priority Deadline: March 27, 2024
  • In-Person Interviews: April 10 –  April 21, 2024
  • Group Interviews: April 18, 2024-April 26, 2024

Apply to be a RUAB Site Leader

Mark Conference Captains Applications

Are you someone who has the ambition to make your mark in some capacity? At Rutgers, in your circles, in your profession? Becoming a Mark Conference Captain is a great way to start while making an impact on fellow students and the Rutgers community. A team of students will be given the responsibility to plan and implement the 2024 Mark Conference. The Mark Conference is a campus experience that strives to break the norms of traditional leadership development by contracting TEDx-styled speakers to inspire the crowd, empowering students to share their stories through Ignite talks, and surprising the participants with out-of-the-box elements, like a balloon pit, surprise dance party, and African Drum Circle! As a Mark Captain, you will oversee a major aspect of the conference (such as marketing, logistics, social media, Ignite prep, experience, etc.) while also having the opportunity to develop and advise a team of student volunteers that you will lead.

As a Mark Conference Captain, you will have the opportunity to make your mark on the 2024 Conference by deciding which speakers tell their story, designing an innovative conference curriculum and experience, and implementing creative marketing strategies. The positions are 10-month positions – from May 2023 through the transition of the new Captains in April 2024. Captains are not required to be present over the summer but will be expected to be in communication over the summer months. If you are interested in this unique leadership opportunity, we encourage you to apply today to be a Mark Conference Captain.

Application is due: March 22, 2024

Interviews will take place: April 3 and 4, 2024

Apply to be a Mark Conference Captain

Engagement Assistants

Rutgers has a multitude of experiential leadership experiences available to students, our Engagement Hub’s main priority is assisting students with connecting to these opportunities. Our Engagement Assistants are knowledgeable undergraduate student consultants who can meet with students one-on-one and assist students with finding their niche, their community, their WHY! During these meetings, our Engagement Assistants help connect students to involvement and leadership opportunities, as well as connect students with how to find other engagement opportunities throughout the Rutgers–New Brunswick community.

What We Do:

  • Engage the Rutgers University–New Brunswick community by inventorying various high impact, experiential leadership and involvement opportunities to share with students.
  • Connect students to involvement and leadership opportunities, as well as connect students with other engagement opportunities.
  • Prepare students with tools necessary to engage various opportunities on- and off-campus and become well equipped leaders.
  • Work with students to micro credential their involvement and leadership experiences.

Application is due: March 29, 2024

Apply to be an Engagement Assistant

Contact Lawrence Owens (Lawrence.owens@rutgers.edu) for more information.