Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub

Discover Your Why, Explore Your Potential, Make an Impact! 

Get Involved. Lead. Volunteer. Intern. Research. Study Abroad. 

If you are like most students, you are probably still trying to figure out how to get connected with an opportunity that is right for you. Our Engagement Ambassadors can help! 


Rutgers has a multitude of experiential leadership experiences available to students; our Engagement Hub’s main priority is assisting students with connecting to these opportunities. Our Engagement Ambassadors are knowledgeable undergraduate student consultants who can meet with students one-on-one and assist with finding your niche, your community, your WHY! During these meetings, our Engagement Ambassadors assist with connecting students to involvement and leadership opportunities as well as connect students with how to find other engagement opportunities throughout the Rutgers-New Brunswick community.  

This amazing opportunity to meet with one of our Engagement Ambassadors is open to any student – first-year, sophomore, junior, senior, transfer, commuter, etc. – who is looking for a way to navigate all of the opportunities for involvement that Rutgers has to offer.

Engagement Ambassadors have hours at the Engagement Hub (located at the Student Activities Center). 


  • Engage the Rutgers University–New Brunswick community by inventorying various high impact, experiential leadership and involvement opportunities to share with students.
  • Connect students to involvement and leadership opportunities, as well as connect students with other engagement opportunities.
  • Prepare students with tools necessary to engage various opportunities on and off campus and become well equipped leaders.
  • Work with students to track their co-curricular activities (i.e: clubs, organizations, leadership roles, activities during their time on the Banks). 

Simply email our Engagement Ambassadors today to schedule an appointment at the Engagement Hub located in the Student Activities Center on the College Ave. campus. Make your appointment today, they fill up fast! engagement.ambassador@gmail.com 

Learn how you can become an Engagement Assistant!

Engagement Hub 
Student Activities Center 
613 George St. 
New Brunswick, NJ 08901 

Hours: (20-30 minute meetings)
Stay tuned for Spring 2023 hours and times!

For more information, please contact Karima Woodyard, karima.woodyard@rutgers.edu