LVL Up: Strategies for Advancing Your Second-Year is designed specifically with second-year students in mind. This program is open to transfers, sophomores, and juniors as their next step in their leadership journey that focuses on professionalism, personal branding, public speaking, and mentorship.  

Students will be facing a lot of changes as they transition into their second year, like shifting to major-specific related courses or declaring their major; taking on higher-level positions within student organizations; managing large teams for the first time; being employed as interns, Teaching/Research Assistants, and work-study staff; and more! Through this program, students develop the skills necessary to succeed while also training for position-specific responsibilities. 

 Students in the LVL Up program will strengthen their ability to:

  • Successfully manage teams both at a peer-to-peer and professional level
  • Apply your leadership style to create a more inclusive and effective dynamic with a diverse team
  • Expertly utilize virtual tools to have a more effective presence online
  • Masterfully navigate your college journey towards the career that you are passionate about
  • Take on any leadership or eboard position 

LVL Up is the second tier of our Lead Up Academy. LVL Up: Strategies for Advancing Your Second Year is a dynamic leadership workshop series designed to take your leadership skills to the next lvl.  

All second-year students are welcomed (including transfers coming in as credited sophomores). 

Stay tuned for more information on how to apply for LVL Up.