The Student Involvement and Leadership team serves over 500 student organizations and their student leaders through advisement, organizational development programs, and support services. These groups fall into the categories of Academic, Business, Community Service, Cultural, Engineering, Environmental & Biological Sciences, Honorary, Leisure, Mason Gross, Media, Performing Arts, Pharmacy, Philanthropic, Religious, Religious Cultural, Social Action/Political, and Special Interest. 

In collaboration with the other areas of Student Affairs, we facilitate interactions among students, faculty, and staff that focus on student growth and development, students as partners in the creation and implementation of co-curricular activities, and participation in student organizations and their events. Student Centers and Activities’ Involvement and Leadership team strives to provide quality advising to student organizations, and empower faculty and staff advisors by providing resources and support.

Our team works behind the scenes to assure that organizations are supported and well trained.

Peer Advisors  

Student Involvement and Leadership Peer Advisors are here to assist you! You can make an appointment with any Peer Advising team member for help with your student organization:  

Officer Training:  
Treasurer Training:  
New Student Organization Recognition: